V&A and Science Museum

Year 3 and 4 went on a trip today and looked at how fashion and technology had changed in the last 90 years.

We had the chance to visit the jewellery section in the V&A and I saw amazing tiaras that I would love to own! You can see one below 🙂

We also saw some shoes that we thought Mrs Hastings might like.

It was really interesting to see how some things have changed and how others have not.

Some of the outfits we saw in the fashion section looked as if they could have been designed today but were designed 50 years ago. However, some were so different that it was easy to recognise in which decade that they were designed.

Can anybody think of things that have or haven’t changed in the last 90 years?

School Council

Today in assembly we discussed our school council. We looked at the different roles and what skills we would need.
Year Four are looking for –



Two school council reps

The skills we are looking for are –
– Confidence but also be calm
– Kind and caring
– Clear speaking voice
– Respectful – take others’ opinions seriously
– Organised and have clear writing
– Be able to share ideas clearly
– Listen carefully to others
– Be fair to everyone and not just your friends
– Make sure everyone in the class in involved
– Use time wisely and sensibly

If you would like to be part of the school council please choose your role. Then say why you would like this job and what great qualities you have to share. We will be reading these next Tuesday and will have a class vote. We will introduce our new council members in assembly next week.

“Design A Chocolate Bar Of The Future” competition

If you’re 8-16 yrs old you can enter this competition with great prizes – but be quick – the deadline is Saturday, September 16th!

Web banner FINAL.jpg

Prize is a trip to the Bournville Factory to see your chocolate bar being made, a trip to Cadbury World & an iPad! Remember to read the rules/ tips with a parent before you start your design and please let me know if you enter?

**Good Luck**

Welcome to Year 4


The summer has ended and school has begun. I hope you all had a great time and hope that your brains are refreshed and focused – and ready to get started in Year 4!

– Times tables are very important and if you know them, it makes other sections of maths easier and quicker.
– The spelling list is on the blog and will be reposted soon so you can always access it at home. Use it to help!
– We have an exciting investigation coming up in science soon – Keep an eye out for shoe boxes (or even bigger boxes) and bring them into school if they are not needed at home.

The most important thing in Year 4 is to have fun with our learning, so if at any point you find yourself stuck, talk to me, email me or post on the blog! (I will try to respond as quickly as possible.)

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