Maths multiplication!

Morgan asked me to put an example of this maths work on the blog to help him remember and show his mum at home!

The colours are only there to help you see the different steps so you do not need them!

Tomorrow we will be compacting this method a little, and making it even shorter.

Maths Challenge

As a class, you need to find the numbers 0 – 100 (in real life) in the next week – and take a picture!

You might find them:
– clock
– house number
– page
– car number plate
– phone number
– car parks
– date
– petrol pump
– calendar
– money

Try to find as many as you can, in as many different places and colours! We do not want 0-100 on house doors, as that will be boring… We want to find different places that we see numbers every day and might not realise…

Genius Hour

For the next few weeks, we will have 45 minutes, each week, which we are turning into Genius Hour…
Your homework is to plan and resource this – What are you going to learn and create? What resources will you need?

Remember –
You can bring things from home (if your parents okay it) and it is not dangerous!

Please make your plan below and let me hear it – i will be able to tell you if it is doable in our class 🙂

Our Science Videos – Light

These are wonderful Year 4 – I am very proud of each and every single one!

Yasmin and Sophie

khaliya and amy

Mia,Lily and Ella!!!

Leo and Joe

Rory and Maxwell

James and Aimee M

Emily and Esha

Isabelle and Trudi

Edward and Morgan

charlie and will

Conor and Issac

Harrison, Emilie and Finlay

Andrea and Rosie

Andrew and Ronny

Reading challenge to win our book!

Here are all the things we need to do to earn our book back.

Can you show me any of these?

  1. Read to a pet
  2. Read at bedtime
  3. Read in your pyjamas
  4. Read wearing a hat
  5. Read to someone else
  6. Listen to an audio book
  7. Read a book with a blue cover
  8. Read a story about an animal
  9. Read somewhere unusual
  10. Take it in turns to read aloud with someone else
  11. Read a poem
  12. Read a book you picked from the library
  13. Read a book by an author you have never read before
  14. Read recipe instructions and try it out!
  15. Read in the bath
  16. Read at a different time of the day
  17. Read a book that makes you happy
  18. Read a book your friend reccomended
  19. Switch of the TV and read
  20. Find and read a short story in a news paper or comic

Happy reading

What’s in a name?

This week we have been looking at a traditional African story called, Nolwandle. The name Nolwandle means girl of the waves.

This got us thinking about our names and what they mean.

Can you find out what your name means? Add a post so we can all share our findings. Do you have more than one name?