This weeks’ homework is here.

This weekend is going to be  beautiful and sunny so we need to get outside. Next week is sports day and we have a second sports day the week after. Can you write a blog entry or add a photo of you doing something active this weekend. You can just add a photo of the equipment you used and we can guess the sport. How many different things can you try?

I’m going to try too.

Good Luck

Mrs H

Our first day of programming the Lego robots

We worked really hard today, and after around an hour, we have made a good, solid start to our dances. Keep an eye out for any more updates!






Tell me what sort of things you learnt about at the synagogue. Was there anything unexpected?


What is the holy book called and what does it include?

What sort of writing is it?

What is different about this book, than books we normally read?

What did you have to put on your head and why?